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The Golfing Season Of China Is Coming!
Shenzhen is located in Guangdong Province in China. The total area of the city is 1953 Square kilometers, with a coastline of 230 km. It is adjacent to Hong Kong, bordering on Dongguan and Huizhou City. With a pleasant climate, unique geographical location and lots of excellent golf clubs— Mission Hills, Noble Merchant Golf Club Cenzon Golf Resort, Shenzhen Golf Club and many more it’s time for you to plan a golfing trip here to enjoy your winter vacation.
Beijing Essence Golf 4 days tour
Mission Hills and Genzon Golf Club
From $ 623 p/p
Ancient Capital--Xi'an Golf 5 days tour
Shenzhen Golf 4 Days Tour
From $ 857 p/p
Guangzhou (also known to many westerners as Canton) is the capital of Guangdong Province and is one of the most important metropolis centers in China. It is located north of the Pearl River Delta and since 1957 has been home to the famous annual trade fair Chinese Export Commodities Fair (Canton Fair). Guangzhou is the perfect combination of traditional Lingnan culture city and modern economical center, authentic Cantonese cuisine and varied merchandises that have high quality and reasonable prices that will make the golfing trip more attractive.
Pearl of Oriental-- Shanghai golf 4 days tour
Guangzhou Golf 4 Days Tour
From $ 876 p/p
The land of abundance--Chengdu golf 5 days tour
Guangzhou & Dongguan 4 Days Golf
From $ 854 p/p
The ideal location and climate of the Pearl River Delta has resulted in golf courses such as Mission Hills. Apart from golfing, Pearl River Delta is the perfect place to spend time with kids at theme parks such as Hong Kong Disneyland, Ocean Park and Shenzhen’s Happy Valley. Discover the diversity of the youthful city and taste delicious gourmet from all parts of the world. You can also literally shop till you drop but most importantly have an enjoyable time on your vacation.
HK Golf 3 days tour
Kunming Golf 5 Days Tour
From $ 937 p/p
Mission Hills--Shenzhen 5 days tour
Eternal Spring City--Kunming 4 Days Golf Tour
From $ 877 p/p
Have you ever wondered what the most beautiful mountain scenery looked like in China? Do you want to experience a game of golf whilst admiring the green mountainous scenery? Put aside all your worries and invite friends to enjoy golfing in Kunming, the City of Spring in China. Or you can visit Guilin and be swept away by the picturesque scenery. Expect to be captivated by the nature of both cities.
● Haikou  
Fabulous Scenery--Guilin & Yangshuo Golf 5 days tour
Haikou Mission Hills Golf 4 Days Tour
From $ 459 p/p
Eternal Spring City--Kunming golf 5 days tour
Haikou Golf 4 Days Tour
From $ 670 p/p
● Sanya  
Fabulous Scenery--Guilin & Yangshuo Golf 5 days tour
Sanya Golf 3 Days Tour
From $ 275 p/p
Eternal Spring City--Kunming golf 5 days tour
Sanya Golf 4 Days Tour
From $ 663 p/p
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