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Traveling to China in the winter months is one of the most unforgettable experience! The cold weather and snow means you can enjoy the hot springs, winter activities and delicious winter gourmet that will make your trip a blast!
Beijing Harbin Shanghai 10 Days Winter Tour
Beijing > Shanghai > Harbin
Beijing Harbin Shanghai 10 Days Tour. It's a winter tour in China! It's a good choice to ...
From USD 1643 P/P
From:USD 1,577 p/p
Offer Expires: : 31th Dec
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Beijing Essence and Ice Festival 8 Days Tour
Beijing > Changchun > Shenyang
This tour is specially offered during the winter tour of China. You will take chance to visit the ice sculpture either ...
From USD 1124 P/P
From:USD 1,068 p/p
Offer Expires: 31th Dec
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Hot spring and Gourmet 7 Days Tour
Hong Kong > Shenzhen > Zhongshan > Zhuhai
here are some nice hot spring in Guangdong province. And the food here is also great...
From USD 705 P/P
From:USD 680 p/p
Offer Expires: : 31th Dec
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Hot spring and Gourmet 8 Days Tour
Hong Kong > Shenzhen > Zengcheng
How great it is to have a spa and taste the great food of Guangdong province, China. You will ...
From USD 806 P/P
From:USD 781 p/p
Offer Expires: 31th Dec
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Where to go this Month
Harbin is well-known for its winter festivities in particularly the Harbin Ice Festival. Apart from the ice festival Harbin has a long history and with its location near Siberia, the bicultural past of the city can be seen through the architectures.
Zhuhai is part of the Pearl River Delta Region and borders Macau, the city is famous for its hot springs and numerous sightseeing spots. Moreover, the mouthwatering gourmet of Zhuhai will have you wanting more!
Chinese CultureHarbin Ice and Snow Festival
Chinese Food
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