Experience a great winter vacation in China with our amazing winter tours! Whether you’re looking for an exciting winter getaway filled with winter sports or a warm city with leisure. Chinatouradvisors.com has some of the best tours for the winter! Check out our latest offerings below! For more information get in contact with us now!
Harbin Ice & Snow Festival Tours
Beijing Harbin 7 Days Tour...
Beijing > Harbin
You will enjoy this winter in Harbin! Harbin is a beautiful place and a lot of people want to enjoy its beauty...
From USD 424 P/P
From:USD 403 p/p
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Beijing Harbin Xian Shanghai 11 Days
Find winter's delights in Beijing, Harbin, Xi'an and Shanghai, each offering a different experience and fun...
From USD 2238 P/P
From:USD 2126 p/p
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Hot Spring Tours
Hot Spring and Gourmet 7 Days Tour
Hong KongGuangdongMacauHong Kong
There are some nice hot spring in Guangdong province. And the food here is also great, why not spend 7 days...
From USD 685 P/P
From:USD 665 p/p
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China Spring 10 Days Tour
In this tour, you will have Beijing tour, Shanghai tour, Suzhou tour, hangzhou tour. And you will have The ...
From USD 1051 P/P
From:USD 998 p/p
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Ski Tours
Beijing Ski 7 Days Tour
This isBeijing Hot Spring and Skiing 6 Days Tour. In this tour, you will have...
From USD 852 P/P
From:USD 810 p/p
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Essence of Beijing and Nanshan Ski 5
Planning a Beijing tour in 2012 winter? Beijing has so much to offer in winter holiday, such as the SKI resort, ...
From USD 323 P/P
From:USD 307 p/p
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Sun Seeker Tours
Yunnan Classic Birdwatching 7 Days
Yunnan Minority 7 Days tour lead you to visit Yunnan Minority Village to feel the exotic custom and...
From USD 938 P/P
From:USD 918 p/p
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Romatic Winter In Zhangjiajie 7 Days
Hunan province is famous for its picturesque scenery, rich minority culture, delicious food and ...
From USD 728 P/P
From:USD 708 p/p
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