Super value Join-in Group Tour
China Impression Super Value 9 Days
Beijing > Shanghai > Wuxi > Suzhou > Hangzhou
This is a tour that will take you the most developed city in China, Beijing and Shanghai, at the same time, you will also go to visit the typical Southern China city...
From:USD 734 P/P >> Details & booking
China Impression Super Value 11 Days
Beijing > Xi’an > Wuxi > Suzhou > Shanghai
In this China 11 group tour, you will cover the Chinese main attractions. And you can cover the hot travel city in China, such as Beijing tour, Xian tour, Shanghai...
From:USD 1199 P/P >> Details & booking
Lhasa 4 Days Tour (Mini Group)
Tibet has unique plateau snow area scenery, and enchanting austral elegant demeanour, and the integration of the nature of the human landscape,
From:USD 320 P/P >> Details & booking
Best of Southern China 6 Days To
Hong Kong > Guangzhou > Guilin > Yangshuo
Start your wonderful trip from Hongkong, then followed by its famous mainland neighbors-Guangzhou, Guilin, Yangshuo. Take the 6 days tour, explore Hongkong’s...
From:USD 550 P/P >> Details & booking
Spring Series
China Spring 9 Days Tour
Beijing > Hangzhou > Shanghai
In this tour, you will have Beijing tour, Shanghai tour, Suzhou tour, hangzhou tour. And you will have The spring tour in China. Tour in China is fantasic and unforgetable.
From:USD 980 P/P >> Details & booking
Kunming &Yuanyang Terraced Fields
Kunming > Jianshui > Yuanyang
With amazing landscape, unique shapes and ethnic customs and culture deposit behind themselves, the scenic areas of yuanyang terraced fields...
From:USD 740 P/P >> Details & booking
Popular China Destinations for Easter Holiday
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