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Mount Huangshan
5 Days Photo Tour
Enjoy the fascinating and exciting 5 days photo tour to Mount Huangshan! Our tour leader is Mr. Chen Zhongping, a local cameraman who understands local history and culture, well known for wealth of knowledge and passion for photos. Following him to discover. the magical snow-capped mountian scenery and traditional village life.
Sunset in winter time, Mount Huangshan
Huangshan is all about the amazing sunrise and sunset scenery where you will be captivated by the magical scenery. The best place to catch the mesmerizing sight of the beautiful sunrise or sunset is at Lion Peak. During the sunrise and sunset you will be able to capture the moment of the sea of clouds.
huangshan mountain

This morning, get up earlier to see the stunning sunrise at Bright Summit Peak. The sunrise time is 5:30 to 6am in winter time so we have to walk in the darkness for 20 minute. Warm clothing and nice shoes required.

Today we will continue our photo opportunities in an area of Qunfengding Peak. Our expereinced tour guide will tell you some real unknown places for good photos.

hongcun village after snow

An ancient town over 800 years old leaning against Mount Huangshan, it is folded in the fog of the mountain, with a well-desgned water system surrounding houses and rice paddies nearby.

xidi village in early Spring

There are 600 grand family mansions in Xidi, earning it the moniker Ming (1368-1644) and Qing (1644-1911) Residence Museum.

Where is Huangshan?
huangshan location on China Map

From Shanghai, there is a bullet train G1509 going to Huangshan every day. It leaves Shanghai at 0827, arrives Huangshan at 13:13. Flights are available to Huangshan from major cities in China.

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