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China 3 Hour Bullet Train Destinations
Experience the wonderful highlights of Xiamen one of the beautiful port cities of China. Also learn about the Hakka culture at the Fujian Tulou a UNESCO World Heritage Site. What’s more also see the fabulous Mount Wuyi and Mount Huangshan all in just 9 days!
Chuxi Tulou Cluster
Tulou Cluster
Chuxi Tulou Cluster is one of the famous among Yongding Tulou, it is perhaps the most picturesque of the tulou clusters.
Mount Wuyi
Wuyi Mountain is among the first group of China’s top tourist cities. In Dec 1999, Wuyi Mountain was listed as the world natural and cultural heritage by the UNESCO World Heritage Committee.
Mount Huangshan
Mount Huangshan is located in the southern part of Anhui Province. In 1990, Mount Huangshan was declared a World Natural and Cultural Heritage by UNESCO Heritage Committee.
9 Day Xiamen Tulou, Wuyi
Mountain and Huangshan Tour
Rated by CNN as China’s Most Beautiful Fairyland! With Scenery that Rivals Semporna
Visit Shuzhuang Garden & Piano
Tour Tianluokeng Tulou,
  Yangchanglou & Taxia Village.
Take a ride on the Yungu Cable Car
  at Mount Huangshan.
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