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Changchun Night Life

Nightlife in Changchun has its own distinctive flavor which can be appreciated only if you sample it personally. Changchun people like to spend their nights in bars, clubs, KTVs. Foreigners can also be found in hordes there, as well as in cafes and teahouses.You can find Various kinds of pubs, coffee bars, teahouses and other amusement centers cater for your enjoyment.

Pubs and bars can be found in large clusters on Guilin Road, one of the biggest commercial areas in Changchun. Local features and exotic flavors mix together inChangchun so you are sure to find at least one to suit you.Many young people crowd into bars, dancing, drinking, and singing. Those places are more popular on weekends or holidays. Reservation of tables is necessary during holiday season.

Besides the bars, if you want to enjoy authentic northeast culture, try Er Ren Zhuan, a traditional performance from Northeast China which originated over 300 years ago.It is a very popular and famous local folk art, by professional performers. Heping Theater, Liulaogen Theater, and Dongbeifeng Theater are recommended.

On the squares in Changchun, there are always local spontaneous performances of Yangge, a traditional folk art at night. If you like, you can accept a warm welcome to join the group of hospitable Dongbei Ren whether you can dance with them or not. You can get a totally different and fresh experience compared with merely watching performance in theatres.

You can join them for a session. You are also recommended to catch a movie or to go shopping and stop at some snack stores to fill your stomach. Or you can take a walk around the city to appreciate the beautiful night view of Changchun.

Whatever you are looking for, if you are in the mood to enjoy Changchun’s nightlife, you will most certainly find it.

The Fifth Street Coffee Pub
Address: Xikang Bystree, Tongzhi Jie

Rhine Coffee Tea House
Address: No.9, Qingming Jie

Rbt (Xian Zong Lin)
Address: No.67, Tongzhi Jie

Lan Kwai Fong (Lan Gui Fang)
Address: No.4272, Zhengyang Street

Be For Time Tea House (Bifeng Tang Tea House)
Address: No.85, Nanjing Dajie

May Flower Pub
Address: Renmin Dajie