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Anyang is a prefecture-level city in Henan province, People's Republic of China. As the northernmost city in Henan, Anyang borders Puyang to the east, Hebi and Xinxiang to the south, and the provinces of Shanxi and Hebei to its west and north respectively.

Anyang City is also called "strategically important place of the north Henan, the thorough fare of four provinces". It covers an area of 1499.4 square km, bordering on Neihuang county in the east, Lin county in the west, Tangyin and Hebi in the south and faces Ci and Linzhang county across Zhang River. Anyang administers 24 towns, 750 administrative villages, 900 natural villages, 14 neibourhood committees, and 3236 villagers' groups, with a total population of over 110 million. It is administered by Anyang city. Its government is situated on the east part of Jiefang Road, Anyang city. 

There is an old saying that Anyang deserves its reputation as an imperial capital three thousand years ago. Anyang is a famous history and cultural city integrating long history and natural heritage, as well as an important birthplace of Chinese culture. The oracle, known as the earliest Chinese Character, was found here in Yinxu. Anyang is the first city with words records and historical relics, which has been listed as one of the eight major capitals of ancient China.

Being one of the eight most famous ancient capitals in China, Anyang is home to a great number of historical sites. The most famous attractions are the historical ruins of the Shang Dynasty, also named as "Yinxu", and the first Chinese Character Museum in China, which is built to better preserve the ancient Chinese civilization and culture, and to help foreign tourists better know about Chinese character and calligraphy. 

The Xiaonanhai Culture here, which is about the caves of primitive men of late Paleolithic Period 25,000 years ago, has been world famous. Besides, the Yangshao, Longshan and Xiaotun Beds of Houfeng represent the long history of Anyang and even China. In addition, the ancient mausoleums of ancient emperors Zhuanxu and Diku add a lot to the magnificient ancient capital.

In ancient capital Anyang, you can find clear traces of ancient Chinese royal courts: the earliest archives in the world and H127 oracle bones pit, the largest, heaviest and the most ancient bronze-Si muwu Ding, the first tomb of a female general-Tomb of Fuhao, the tomb and commentary of the last Chinese emperor-Yuan Shikai, Wenfeng Tower of the Late Zhou Dynasty, Xiuding Temple of Tang Dynasty, Mingfu Temple of Song Dynasty, Yue Fei (a patriot of ancient China)Temple, Bell Tower, etc.

Besides, new attractions in Anyang, such as the essence of the 8000-li Taihangshan Mountain-Linlvshan Mountain Scenic Spot and the eighth wonder in the world-Red-Flag Canal are quite attracting as well. Up to now, there are 10 key national heritage conservation units, 38 provincial units, 236 county level units, a national level scenic spot and a national forest. And “Yinxu Relics Ruins Park” and “Chinese Characters Museum” will be built in the future. With “Ancient, New, Rare and Excellent” tourism resources, Anyang tours can meet the needs of different tourists.

Administrative divisions
Beiguan District 北关区
Wenfeng District 问峰区
Yindu District 殷都区
LongAn District 龙安
Anyang New District 安阳新区
Linzhou city 林州区
Hua County 滑县
Anyang County 安阳县
Tangyin County 汤阴县
Neihuang County 内黄县

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