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Daocheng is a county-level city located in the edge of southwest Sichuan Province. It lies in the southeast of Qinghai-Tibet Plateau and the east of Hengduan Mountains. Daocheng County is under the administration of Ganzi Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture of the Kangba Tibetan region. Daocheng covers an area of 7,323 kilometers. Tibetan people consist more than 96% of the total population in Daocheng County, and there are Han, Naxi, Hui, Yi and other ethnics living there.

Doacheng is adjacent to Muli County of Liangshan Prefecture to the southeast, Xiangcheng County of Sichuan Province and Zhongdian County of Yunnan Province to the west, Litang County to the north. Daocheng has an average elevation of 3,750 meters above the sea level and with the highest point of 6,032 meters.

Daocheng is high in the north and west, low in the south and east. The northern part is mainly occupied by plateau valleys with numerous glaciers. The central part is consisted of mountains. Daocheng has a monsoon plateau climate with an annual average temperature of 11.5-12.8℃.

Daocheng is a beautiful place to visit and it has attracted a lot of tourists every year. At this county, you will see a rich diversity from snow mountains to glaciers, valleys, forests, lakes, meadows, mines and fresh air. At this pure land, the bright sunshine, gorgeous natural landscapes, ancient glacier remains, clear plateau lakes, in addition with its ancient history, mysterious Buddhist culture and unique local customs, have made Daocheng a hot destination in the travel to southwest China.

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