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Located in northwestern Gansu province, Dunhuang is a small city in Gansu Province founded by Emperor Wudi of the Han Dynasty.It was a major stop on the ancient Silk Road. It was also known at times as Shāzhōu, or 'City of Sands, " or Dukhan as the Turkis call it." It is best known for the nearby Dunhuang Caves.

It commands a strategic position at the crossroads of the ancient Southern Silk Route and the main road leading from India via Lhasa to Mongolia and Southern Siberia, as well as controlling the entrance to the narrow Hexi Corridor which led straight to the heart of the north Chinese plains and the ancient capitals of Chang'an (today known as Xi'an) and Luoyang.

With the flourishing of trade along the Silk Road, Dunhuang was prompted to become the most open area in international trade in Chinese history. It provided the only access westward for the Chinese Empire and eastward for western nationalities.

In ancient times, Dunhuang was the center of trade between China and its western neighbors. At that time, it was the most westerly frontier military garrison in China.

Today, as a reminder of this historical area, we are left with the Dunhuang  Mogao Caves, Yangguan Pass, Yumenguan Pass and many wonderful Chinese poems depicting the time. Although what remains of the two Passes are crumbling walls, one can still experience the atmosphere of that time while visiting in person.

Dunhuang attracts people from all over the world for breathtaking landscape, natural beauty and fabulous historical relics. It is well known for its profound history in ancient times, especially its status as the best stop of Silk Road.

White Horse Pagoda, Yandan National Geologic Park, Echoing-Sand Mountain and so on also provide wonderful views of Dunhuang.It's womderful to take a Dunhuang tour.

Travelers can venture to the Crescent Moon Lake, a natural reservoir surrounded by towering sand dunes. A tough climb to the top of the dune will give you access to splendid views, with the more adventurous having the opportunity to paraglide back down again.

The Mogao Grottoes, also known as Thousand Buddha Caves, preserve nearly a thousand years of Buddhist cave-temple architecture, clay sculpture, mural paintings, and manuscripts, dating from the 5th to the 14th centuries.

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