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Foshan is a city in central Guangdong province in southern China. The prefectural area under the city's jurisdiction over an area of about 3,840 km² and a population of 5.4 million of which 1.1 million reside in the city. Today many areas of Foshan city are occupied mostly by Chinese migrants coming from different provinces of China and speak only Mandarin, while its native dialect is a Foshan variant of Cantonese.

The town of Foshan is many centuries old, and was famous for its porcelain industry. Now, the third largest city in Guangdong, it has become relatively affluent compared to other Chinese cities, and is home to many large private enterprises. Foshan has recently seen a transformation brought by China's booming economy. Foshan is also famous for its martial arts. It contains numerous Wing Chun schools where many come to train and spar.

Foshan history dates back thousands of years, formerly known as Zhong Yi Xiang, is a national historical and cultural city. According to research, Foshan historical origin in the streets Lanshi Chan cheng area, about 4500-5500 years. During the Tang and Song Dynasties, Foshan industries became commercialized.

The culture of Foshan has been very prosperous, during the Ming and Qing Dynasties, Foshan developed with many merchants with industry and commerce. Along with Hankou, Jingdezhen and Zhuxian, Foshan is also one of China's four famous towns. Foshan along with Beijing, Hankou and Suzhou are said to be the world famous cities for ceramics, textile, casting and medicine.

In the late Qing Dynasty, Foshan became the birthplace of Chinese modern national industry, has created the first modern Chinese silk reeling factory and the first match factory, and set up the "Nanyang Brothers Tobacco Company”. The lion in Guangdong Foshan, is the birthplace of the southern lion, enjoys the reputation of "The Lion King”.


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