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Located in the northern part of Henan province,Kaifeng city is one of China's most famous ancient capitals.With a history of 3000 years, the ancient city enclosed by the Old City Walls still retains much of the charm.

The city was first built in 757-701 B.C.The name “Kaifeng”means "opening up new territory." It was also called Bianliang after the Warring States Period (475-221 B.C.).

Kaifeng is one of the "six great capitals" of China, together with Beijing, Xi' an, Nanjing, Luoyang, and Hangzhou.During the Northern Song Dynasty (A.D. 960-1127),Kaifeng was one of the greatest cities in the world in terms of population and territory as the capital city.

Kaifeng served as capital for seven feudalist dynasties in Chinese history. The prosperity of Kaifeng is vividly presented in a classical painting, "River Scene at Qingming Festival," by the well-known artist Zhang Zeduan of the Northern Song Dynasty.

During the history,the city has also been destoried by many tragedies. There are frequent floods, invasions and dynastic disintegration taking place in Kaifeng. Expect from countless lives,the floods also destroyed many of the beliefs, customs and buildings Kaifeng kept trying to create. Including the crumbling City Walls, remains of the old Synagogue and an Imperial Song Street, most of the city scenic spots had been half destroyed.

As an old cultural center, Kaifeng is well known for its silk products and embroidery.Kaifeng is also known for having one of the last Jewish communities in China.

Tourist Features
Kaifeng contains the remains of various cultural relics and historic sites.

Visitors to Kaifeng have much to see and do:
There are many you can not miss,such as the Iron Pagoda of the Northern Song Dynasty (960-1127), the site of imperial palace of the Song and Jin dynasties, the Dragon Pavilion, and the 1400-year-old Xiangguo Temple which is one of the most famous Buddhist temples in China.

Another view you must see in Kaifeng are ruins of the Shang Dynasty which is an important part of human cultural and historic heritage. The Shang Dynasty Ruins is known as the “Yin Ruins”.It’s famous for the unique style of the large palace and its grand mausoleums, in which emperors of the Shang Dynasty are buried. The bronze vessels of the Shang Dynasty, which were both finely decorated and popularly used by the citizens of that dynasty, are well-known at home and abroad.

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