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Kaiping city from Guangdong Province is located in the southwest of the Pearl River Delta, about 110 kilometers away from the Guangdong provincial capital of Guangzhou city. It holds a county-level administration belong to the Jiangmen prefecture, Guangdong Province. Kaiping occupies a land area of 1,659 square kilometers.
Kaiping is adjacent to Xinhui to the northeast, Heshan to the north, Taishan to the southeast, Enping to the southwest, Xinxing to the northwest. It has a general topography of low mountains and hills. It consists of three port cities, Changsha, Xincheng and Dihai.

Generally speaking, Kaiping is one of the Chinese outstanding tourism cities, one of national garden cities, and one of the national sanitary cities. But more specifically, Kaiping is much more famous as one of the hometown of overseas Chinese, the hometown of art, the hometown of architecture, and best of all the hometown of Diaolou.

Kaiping has been a popular tourism city with its rich tourism resources. When travel to Kaiping, there are a lot to see. Most people come for the Kaiping Diaolou constructions, the Li Garden, Zili Village, Chikan Europe Style Street, the Canadian village, The Peacock Lake Tourist Area, Fengcaitang, Lianjin Mountain Tourist Spot and many other attractions. From natural beauty to architecture art tour, from local customs to exotic cultures, Kaiping gives people a pleasant tour.

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