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Located in the northeastern of Guangxi, Longsheng County, namely Longsheng Gezu Autonomous County or Longsheng Multi-ethnic Autonomous County), is one of tourism counties in Guilin. It is 371 km away from the Nanning city and 63 km away from the Guilin.

There are three towns, including Longsheng town, Piaoli town, Sanmen town, and seven townships, namely Heping, Sishui, Jiangdi, Madi, Weijiang, Pingdeng and Lejiang under Longsheng's governance.Ten ethnic minority groups live here including Zhuang, Yao, Miao and Dong, etc.

Since Yuan Dynasty (1271-1368),people start to bulid Longji Rice Terraces (Dragon Backbone Rice Terraces).Bulit 700 years ago, Longsheng County has a fantastic natural scenery, spiraling rice terraced fields, d ethnic villages with unique buildings, beautiful costumes and interesting customs.It is famous for its beautiful rice terraced fields and ethnic villages in mountainous areas.

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