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Quanzhou is the largest city of Fujian Province. It is located in southeast of Fujian. It borders Xiamen to the south, Fuzhou to the north, and faces Taiwan over the Taiwan Strait in the east. Quanzhou is a famous historical and cultural city in China. The city was established during the Tang Dynasty (618 - 907). It was the starting of the ancient Maritime Silk Road and was a large port at ancient times.

As a sea coastal city located in mountainous area, Quanzhou has rich resources in minerals, marine, forest and biology. Also it is a city with strong cultural background and glorious history. Local featured cultures like Liyuan Opera, Puppet Show, Gaojia Opera, and Dacheng Opera are well-preserved and inherited.

When travel to Quanzhou, there are many historical sites and natural beauty to see and enjoy. Famous historical and cultural sites include Qing Yuan Mountain, East Lake Park, Kaiyuan Temple, Ashab Mosque, Fengze Square, Da Ping Mountain, The Embassy Lounge, and Scholar Street.

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