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Yining is the seat of Yili Kazak Autonomous Prefecture. It is located in northwestern Xinjiang. Situated on the northern side of the Ili River in the Dzungarian Basin, Yining is about 702 kilometers west of Urumqi.

Yining is a historical and cultural city, and it is populated with many ethnic groups. Minorities such as Uyghur, Kazak, Hui, Mongolian, Xibo, Russian, Uzbek, and other ethnic groups in a total of 37 groups are found in Yining.

With the magnificent Tianshan Mountain in the west and the beautiful Ili River in the south, Yining that has dense forests and vast grassland is a city with many charming sights. When travel to Yining, the Sayram Lake that has stunning scenes, the Lavender Garden that is fascinating and romantic, and the Nalati Grassland that is extensive and attractive are the most popular sites. Also there are Baidula Mosque, Yining Hui Grand Mosque, and Wild Walnut Valley that worth visiting. To get to know unique cultures of different ethnic groups, experience their lifestyle, and appreciate their wonderful songs and dances are also very interesting. 

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