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Slip in & out famous relics &
tourism hot spots without a fuss!

From the lake and park in Houhai area to Tiananmen Square, Forbidden City, and the National Opera around Changan Street; from the wild Great Wall, Ming Dynasty Tomb in the suburb, to the Olympic park back to the downtown. Our sidecar motorbike drivers will be more than happy to introduce you to the amazing Beijing and look at your jaw-dropping faces.

● Try these popular routes now:

Pick you up right at the front
gate of your hotel!

Jump in the sidecar motorbike right at the front gate of your hotel and an awesome day begins! That easy! And the driver will bring you back as the tour ends.

● Try these popular routes now:

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Still not satisfied? How about
one night at the Great Wall?

A two-day-one-night sidecar motorbike tour enables you to camp at the top of the wild Great Wall. After half day’s adventure in and out, up and down the city, instead of going back to the hotel, our driver will take you to the wild half of the Great Wall, which is way much better than the renovated half. You will spend the time there hiking, watching sunset and sunrise, dinning, and enjoying the stunning panoramic scene. You will be picked up the next day morning.

● Try these popular routes now:

What?Your time is limited?!

No worry pal! No matter you are on a business trip with just a few hours to spare, or visa-free transit travelers, we provide you guys with tours in flexible length. Time is precious, and travelers need to make the most of the little they have. That’s why with our travel companions, you will have the freedom to stay longer in an area or hurry on to the next site.

Fully customizable itinerary!

The itinerary of the sidecar motorbike tour is customizable to our guests’ needs and interests.You can go to all important places that are on your must-visit list, meanwhile feeling the pleasant breeze brushing your face. We believe that after the tour is over, it is the memorable experience you bring back home that really matters. So shape it yourself, create your own memories, and have fun!

Important Notice

  • Always wear a helmet during your ride
  • Always have a travel insurance
  • Sidecar is fit for children, very tall person, and over-weight person
  • Sidecar motorbike is stable and safe
  • Our drivers don’t live on the edge
  • You can carry a child in the sidecar if you can fit him/her in it with you
  • Customize Itinerary Now

Meet the sidecar motorbike!Model:CJ750

CJ750 (CJ = Changjiang = the Long River = Yangtze River) is a derivative of Soviet 1956 IMZ M-72. The CJ750 was manufactured by China Nanchang Aircraft Manufacturing Company in 1957 after China imported 3000 M72 from Soviet Union a year before. And the Soviet M-72, in turn, was based on the prototype of 1983 BMW R71. CJ750 is a superstar in fanatics’ antique motor collection.

Dimensions (mm): LxWxH2400x1580x100
Dry weight with sidecar: 350kg
Max. load with sidecar: 3 persons + 100kg
Engine: 4 stroke, twin cylinder, air cooled
Capacity (cc): 746
Max. Power: 22h.p / 4500-4800r/min or 32h.p./4700-5500r/min
Max. Speed: 90 km/h or 100 km/h
Fuel consumption: 7 lit. /100km
Electrical system: 12 volt
Starter: Kick or electric
Clutch: Dry double disk
Drive: Shaft with u/v joint
Transmission: 4 forward gears 1 reverse
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