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When is the best timing to Tibet? We don’t think there is a fixed answer for this. The tourism high season in Tibet is summer (April to October). However, as in many other tourism destinations, the high season is not necessarily the good season. High season means rising price of entrance ticket, rising expensive in accommodation, travel and meal, in combination with big crowds. Thus it is wise to choose when to go to Tibet based on your interests and the places you want to visit.

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Lhoka Prefecture
Chamdo Prefecture
Ngari Prefecture
Nagqu Prefecture
Lake Nam Co
Lhasa: The “land of god” has a relatively forgiving weather comparing with other parts of Tibet: not too hot in summer; not too cold in winter; small temperature difference between day and night. Thus if you intend to experience the city’s abundant cultural and human landscapes, we suggest that you come between October and March, to avoid the tourism high season. In such way, you don’t have to worry about the limited Potala Palace entrance ticket or train ticket, at the meantime, experience a more authentic and complete Lhasa. If time is ample, you can even settle at a home inn for a few days or weeks and fill your vacation with reading, having tea, and cycling around Lhasa.
Lhoka Prefecture: Generally speaking, this region is suitable to visit all year round. A large number of relics and natural/cultural landscapes are located here. Of course in different timing your experience will be different.
Chamdo Prefecture: This region is a mix of canyons and mountains which don’t allow you many choices in terms of visiting time. We suggested early summer (April, May) and deep autumn (September, October) as the best timing. In the rest of the year, the road is likely to be blocked or jammed due to heavy rain or snow.
Ngari Prefecture: It is the toughest prefecture in Tibet but also the most beautiful one. To avoid heavy rain and fierce winter, the best timing for Ngari is May to July and September to October.
Nagqu Prefecture: This prefecture is occupied by a vast prairie which thrives between May and September when it is warm. The scenery is brilliant in this time of the year.
Lake Nam Co: Tourism season for Lake Nam Co is summer (May to September). This region is covered with ice between November and April. The inns and restaurants are closed and the Lake is frozen. However, even so, some travelers manage to go there during tourism-off season. They pick the day when the weather is good and the road is not blocked.
Everest: May, September, and October are the best months to visit Everest. For hiking, May is the best option.

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