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What to PackMust-knows

A good pair of sunglasses
High-factor sunscreen lotion (SPF 50 or above)
Lip balm with sun protection factor (Guys need them as well as girls. Take it seriously or you may have your lips burned just for a 4-day Lhasa City Tour)
Mask & Cap
A water bottle
A strong torch (If you were to stay overnight in Everest Base Camp, you will need a torch to find the public toilet at night; and during trekking days, you will need it more often)
Warm clothing (A polar fleece will do in the summer months unless you're planning to trek at high altitude or head out to western Tibet; a waterproof jacket is useful if you are heading out to eastern Tibet in summer)
Toiletries like shaving cream, razor blades, hand sanitizer, deodorant, dental floss & tampons
Cold medicines and throat pastilles are useful as many travelers develop a cold and cough as a result of altitude
Facial spray (Tibet is very dry. Whenever I feel like my noise is going to bleed, I spray myself)

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