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Best Time to Visit China

Season preference
1) Spring (March to May)
During the late of spring, everything comes to life and it is the best time to enjoy the natural scenery with flowers and mountains. But the temperatures will changes to much in this season; you’d better to wear layered clothes to avoid the unpredictability weather.
As the city in north of China is quite dry, you can spend your time in visiting south of China. You can experience picturesque scenery of mountain and rivers in Guilin or experience the spectacular scenery in Mt. Huangshan and so on.

2) Summer (June to August)
Summer is a very hot season in China, the temperature can be 40℃ in the Nanjing and some cities. It is also a rainy season, tourist need to bring umbrella and raincoats to protect from shower.
If you don’t mind the hot whether, you can visit many cities in China. As July and August in the summer holiday in China, the airfare between tourism city will has no special discount.

3) Autumn (September to Nov)
It is the most comfortable season to have a visit in China. The temperature will about be about 10-23℃, it will be rainy in some area. Usually, you can enjoy the most beautiful scenery in China. Please do not plan your tour in China National days (Sep 29-Oct 8). It is also the peak time in domestic tourist.

4) Winter (December to February)
It is incredibly cold in north of China during winter. But you can the Ice World in Harbin during the Harbin Ice and Snow Festival. But it is the peak time for tourist and the tour cost will be increasing.

Festival preference
There are 56 nationalities in China and different nationality has their own traditional festival. You can enjoy the special Chinese culture here, such as Dragon Boat Festival, Harbin Ice and Snow Festival and so on.

Peak season VS Low season
Peak season in China: 
1) Labor Day (May 1-3)
2) National Day (Oct 1-7)
3) School Holidays: Summer Holiday (Jul-Sep) and Winter Holiday (Jan-Feb)

Many people plan their trip during this time. The transportation fee and hotel price will be increasing, including airfare, coach transfer fee etc. The famous attractions will be crowed with people, you will have no time to experience the scenery.

Compared with the peak season, low season will be a good choice for your traveling:
1) Saving money during the tour. The hotel price, airfare will be much lower than the peak season. The souvenir in the shops will be cheaper.
2) Saving time. During the lower season, you do not need to share the attractions with much more people. Then you will have more time to take photos and experience the local life.