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Shopping Guide of China Main Cities


1. Major Department Store

Beijing Department Store
Wish a 50-year history, this store has been expanded and renovated, but still retains the orginal design. It is proof of Beijing’s increasing prosperity over this period. With a variety of domestic and foreign commodities, it has been and still is a highly respected retail outlet, not only in the capital but also throughout China.

The Malls at Oriental Plaza
In Beijing’ famous Chang’an Boulevard there is a gray and white modern building—Oriental Plaza, which is the biggest commercial block in Asia. It is a combination of business, shopping and entertainment. The Malls at Oriental Plaza is usually the first stop for the most shoppers in Wangfujing Street. It is comprehensive, providing a dazzling variety of distinctive Chinese and international products, including everything from clothes, shoes, hats to arts, crafts, perarls and jewelery. It is classic in terms of shopping environment and variety of goods on offer. In short, it is a shopper’s paradise.

Ruifuxiang Silk & Cotton Shop
This century-old shop retains its original look with two stories. An incredible selection of Suzhou and Hangzhou silk, brocade, satin and furs from north China and northern Asia is available here. As it has always done, it still makes traditional Chinese clothes-cheongsam or Chinese-style dustcoats. After visiting the shop visitors are advised to take a stroll around the winding lanes, collectively known as hutongs or streets of Beijing. This will make you feel closer to the true spirit of this Oriental city.

Tongrentang Pharmacy
With a history of more than 300 years, this is a world-renowned pharmacy and deals in home-made Chinese medicines, herbs and pills. The traditional remedies it produces, including pills, powders, ointments and medicinal liquor, are well-know across the country and also exported abroad. Today, Tongrentang boasts many branches throughout Beijing. If you are interested in Chinese medicine, we suggest you to go to the one at Dashilan, Qianmen, because it provides the most authentic medicines and herbs. A complete array of Western medicines is also available here. The pharmacy is open 24 hours.

Beijing Arts & Crafts Mansion

This is the largest arts and crafts shop in China, dealing in gold and silver jewelry, jade, stone carvings, woodcuts, cloisonné, lacquer works, porcelain ware, colored lanterns, silk, batik, woolen birds, glassware, bamboo basketwork, straw knitting, four treasures of the study-writing brush, ink stick, ink slab and paper, painting, calligraphy and stamps. The National Arts & Crafts Museum on the 6th floor is well worth a look. It has over 600 high-quality works of arts and crafts, all made by famous craftsmen.

Beijing Curio City
Beijing Curio City is the world’s biggest indoor antique trading center. It boasts over 1,000 kinds of curios, calligraphy works, paintings, jewelry and jade. Regular exhibitions and autions are also held here. It is both a shopping paradise and a museum of works of art.

2. Special Streets

Wangfujing Street
Wangfujing is the city’s main pedestrian shopping street. For many foreigners, it is as famous as the Great Wall and Beijing Roast Duck. Shops with a particularly high reputation include Oriental Plaza, Sun Dong An Plaza, Beijing Department Store, Beijing Arts & Crafts Mansion, China Studio, Foreign Languages Booksotre, Shengxifu Hat Store, Tongshenghe Shoe Store, Haoyou Emporium, Da Ming Opticals, Hengdeli Clock and Watch Shop and Lu Wu Shop. As the “ No. 1 Shopping Street in Beijing”, Wangfujing Street combines many malls and individual shops and now has new flower terraces, seats and public outdoor statues. It is definitely the favorite of most shoppers.

Silk Street
Silk Street is adjacent to the Ritan Embassy Area. Its predecessor was a raucous outdoor market. Now it is a glass-windowed mansion. It deals in traditional Chinese silk, souvenirs, clothes and brand-name goods, and also features a newly-opened branch of Ruifuxiang Silk & Cloth Shop and a branch of the “Hot Wave” Clothing Store chain. Other areas similar to Silk Street are Yijiaxinxiu Business Building opposite Silk Street, Ritan Office Building in Chaoyang District, Yashow Clothing Market (Yaxiu) in Sanlitun Street, Wantong Wholesale Market near Fuchengmen, Guanyuan Wholesale Market near Fuchengmen and Zoo Wholesale Market (Dongwuyuan) near Xizhimen.