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Baicheng literally "White City") in Chinese is a prefecture-level city in the northwestern part of Jilin province, Northeast China, bordering Inner Mongolia to the north and west and Heilongjiang to the east and northeast. At the 2010 census, 2,033,058 people resided within its administrative area of 25,683 square kilometres.


Baicheng Quick Facts

English Name: Baicheng

Railway Stations: Baicheng Railway Train Station

Zip Code: 137000

Location: Northeast of China

Chinese Name: 白城 (BaiCheng)

Suburban Districts: Northeast of China

Airports: No airport

Area Code: 0436

Population: 2.3 million (2011)

Best Time to Visit: June to October

Top Attractions in Baicheng

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Find maps of Baicheng, including Baicheng's regional location to other parts of China as well as . Our Baicheng travel guide ( includes weather, living, food, weather, transportation, etc.) has heaps of useful information and tips! > See More

Shopping in Baicheng

In the Changbai Mountain area, Jilin is rich in wild life and plants. Its gieng, pilose antler and marten are world-known and its mushrooms, fungus, edible wild herbs and medicinal herbs grow in abundance. Gieng Gieng is the root of a perennial plant. Like the palm, gieng has compound and verticillate leaves. It blooms in early spring. There are two kinds of gieng ...> See More

Restaurants (Food) in Baicheng

Not only is Jilin a rich agriculture center meaning that ingredients are fresh and abundant but the multicultural nature of the city mea that a unique multi-ethnic fusion of different cooking styles occu leading to new and exciting dishes. Jilin is famed for many of its special dishes having medicinal qualities. Manchurian food is especially prominent: Steamed silver carp, stew...> See More

Entertainment in Baicheng

Nightlife in Changbai is not as colorful and romantic as that of other big cities in China, such as Shanghai or Beijing. However, it has its own distinctive flavor which can be appreciated only if you sample it peonally. Various kinds of pubs, coffee ba, teahouses and other amusement cente cater for your enjoyment. If you come to visit Changbai, various kinds of amuseme...> See More