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Ejina Banner is a banner of the Alxa Right League in Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. It is situated in the west end of Inner Mogolia, and borders Mongolia in the north, Jiuquan City of Gansu Province in the southwest. Ejina gets its name from the Ejina River. The history of Ejina could be dated back to Xia Dynasty, about B.C.2000 years ago.

As Ejina is located in Gobi Desert, Ejina has dry and windy inland climate. It has few rain but abundant sunshine, and great temperature difference between day and night. Ejina Banner is a multi-ethnic inhabited place, mainly with Mongolia and Han people.

Ejina is especially famous for its stunning desert landscape, unique local folk customs, and local great food. Famous tourist attractions in Ejina include Heishui Town, Tawang Mansion, Juyan Lake, Populus Euphratica Forest, Gashun Zhade Rock Painting. The populous Euphratica forest in Ejina is one of the most fascinating landscapes of the same kind in China.

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English Name: Ejina Qi

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Chinese Name: 额济纳旗 (?jìnàqí)

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