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Located in the lower reaches of the Min River, Fuzhou is the capital city of Fujian Province. Situated in the eastern part of Fujian, it serves as the economy, politics, culture and transport center of the province. It is so named after a mountain situated in the north called Mt. Fu. Additionally, many banyans were planted in the Song Dynasty (960-1279), and now provide shade for the entire city giving it another name - Rong Cheng (Banyan City). Besides, the city is renowned for both quality and quantity of hot springs throughout China. The cultured sights of Fuzhou are not as overwhelming as many of the top attractions in China, but the modern infrastructures of supporting establishments for tourism are complete, and a dazzling array of local dishes and snacks await your patronage.

Fuzhou Quick Facts

English Name: Fuzhou

Railway Stations: Fuzhou Railway Station

Zip Code: 350000

Location: on the Min River, in the east of Fujian Province

Chinese Name: 福州 (FuZhou)

Suburban Districts: on the Min River, in the east of Fujian Province

Airports: Fuzhou Changle International Airport

Area Code: 0591

Population: 5.75 million

Best Time to Visit: Four Seasons

Top Attractions in Fuzhou

Fuzhou Maps Free Download

Find maps of Fuzhou, including Fuzhou's regional location to other parts of China as well as . Our Fuzhou travel guide ( includes weather, living, food, weather, transportation, etc.) has heaps of useful information and tips! > See More

Shopping in Fuzhou

Fuzhou is the main industrial arts producing area of China. Cork pictures, stone carvings, lacquer, horn combs, jade carvings, porcelai, shell carvings, golden and silver ornaments are popular with local people and tourists alike. Three Treasures of Fuzhou Lacquer - These products include decorative scree, vases, tea services, smoking sets and stationery etc. Stone Scu...> See More

Restaurants (Food) in Fuzhou

As for cuisine, Min dishes are one of the famous eight styles in China. They're noted for well-chosen ingredients, beautiful color, fresh seasoning and strict operation during cooking. The most famous one is /Fo Tiao Qiang/ (Buddha jumps over the wall). It contai dainties of more than 30 kinds: Shark's fin, sea slug, chicken breast, duck, pig's trotte, dried scallop, mushroom,...> See More

Entertainment in Fuzhou

As a modern southern city, Fuzhou City is a flourishing entertainment center. All manner of places of entertainment, night clubs and sauna etc. line the busy streets. These places are massed in the area of Jiangjun Temple, Liuyi Lu and Dong Jie Kou. The Hot Springs are a feature of Fuzhou, and are scattered around the Hot Spring Hotel. Air force No.1 (Address: No.256, Liuyi Bei...> See More