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Geermu, also known as Golmud, is a city in Qinghai Province. It is located in the west of Qinghai Province and the central-south part of Qaidam Basin with an elevation of 2,809 meters. The city neighbors Xinjiang to the northwest and Tibet to the southwest. Geermu is the second largest city in Qinghai with an occupation of 124,500 square kilometers.

Geermu Quick Facts

English Name: Geermu

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Chinese Name: 格尔木 (g?ěrmù)

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Find maps of Geermu, including Geermu's regional location to other parts of China as well as . Our Geermu travel guide ( includes weather, living, food, weather, transportation, etc.) has heaps of useful information and tips! > See More

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Restaurants (Food) in Geermu

Local delicacies in Geermu include Hot pot, Muslim dishes and Sichuan dishes. Mutton dishes provided in the restaurant are quite popular and delicious. Roast Lamb and Itant Lamb are especially popular. Also highland barley wine and yogurt are original and tasty. > See More

Entertainment in Geermu

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