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As the well known Ceramic Capital, Jingdezhen is a town with a long history and rich culture, also is one of the four famous towns in Chinese history. It lies on the south of the Yangtze River; the northeast covers an area of 5256 square kilometers. Jingdezhen comprises one city, one county and two districts under its jurisdiction including: Leping City, Fuliang County, Zhushan District and Changjiang District.

Jingdezhen Quick Facts

English Name: Jingdezhen

Railway Stations: Jingdezheng Railway Station

Zip Code: 333000

Location: northeast of Jiangxi Province

Chinese Name: 景德镇 (jǐng dé zhèn)

Suburban Districts: northeast of Jiangxi Province

Airports: Jingdezhen Luojia Airport

Area Code: 0798

Population: 1.7 million (2013)

Best Time to Visit: autumn

Top Attractions in Jingdezhen

Jingdezhen Maps Free Download

Find maps of Jingdezhen, including Jingdezhen's regional location to other parts of China as well as . Our Jingdezhen travel guide ( includes weather, living, food, weather, transportation, etc.) has heaps of useful information and tips! > See More

Shopping in Jingdezhen

Jingdezhen has a long history for making porcelain and is not merely famous for its porcelain, the local red and green tea is also very famous in this region. Jingdezhen was also called the Porcelain capital, so Jingdezhen is well-known for its porcelain and tourists can buy the porcelain and tea from localmarkets and shops. Local Specialties and Souveni in Jingdezhen ...> See More

Restaurants (Food) in Jingdezhen

Jingdezhen local food is coistent with all style of Jiangxi cuisine. Cooking techniques include Jingdezhen local dishes that emphasize fire power and steam. Vegetables and seafood are used as staple ingredients in Jingdezhen. The locals enjoy spicy food and so, most local food is served with chillies. The famous dishes in Jingdezhen are boiled catfish with bea, Jingde Chicke...> See More

Entertainment in Jingdezhen

Jingdezhen has many entertainment areas, including dance halls, bowling alleys, and tourist and locals alike can try their hand at making their own porcelain. Pocelain making is a popular activity in this region. When the night falls, all the streets in the city are covered with neon lights, which are very attractive for the visito, and the visito gather to the ba and pubs as w...> See More