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Nyingchi is a prefecture of Tibet which is located in the southeastern area of Tibet. From its west, south, east and north, they are Lhasa, Shannan, Qamdo and Nagqu. In Tibetan, Nyingchi means "the Throne of Sun" most because of its location. For other area in Tibet, Nyingchi is the place where sun rises visually. Nyingchi is the lowest area of Tibet with average elevation of 3,100m while it has the "biggest elevation gap" in the world: the lowest elevation is only 900m and in contrast the Namjagbarwa Peak has an elevation of 7,782m.

Nyingchi Quick Facts

English Name: Nyingchi

Railway Stations:

Zip Code: 860000

Location: in southeast of the Tibet

Chinese Name: 林芝 (línzhī)

Suburban Districts: in southeast of the Tibet

Airports: Linzhi (Milin) Airport

Area Code: 0894

Population: 159,200

Best Time to Visit: Spring , Winter

Top Attractions in Nyingchi

Nyingchi Maps Free Download

Find maps of Nyingchi, including Nyingchi's regional location to other parts of China as well as . Our Nyingchi travel guide ( includes weather, living, food, weather, transportation, etc.) has heaps of useful information and tips! > See More

Shopping in Nyingchi

Nyingchi has a variety of special products,such as musk, bear bile,Ganoderma,Cordyceps,Hericium, Tianma, Panax, apples, walnuts and plateau fish, in addition to the Mamba wooden bowls also a major feature here. Mamba wooden bowls are prestigious excellent crafts.It is made by the hardwood tree roots or tumo.With the fine hard wood and chic and beautiful patter,there will be ...> See More

Restaurants (Food) in Nyingchi

Nyingchi cuisine followed Tibet traditional flavo,except the barley wine, roasted barley flour, ghee and butter tea, there are a number of specialty minorities food. Tibetan pig Tibetan pig grow at the altitude of 3000-4000 mete area,eat the natural wild edible plants and fruit.The weight of the average adult pigs is less than 50 kg. The fat content of Tibetan pig is very...> See More

Entertainment in Nyingchi

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