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Located in the northeast of Jiangxi, People’s Republic of China, Shangrao City is quite close to the borders with Zhejiang Province in the east and Anhui Province in the north, while Fujian province is in the south. The western part of the city can extend into Poyang Lake.
With an area of about 2.2 million square kilometers and a plenty of well-known mountains and historic sites, Shangrao lies to the intersection of the Yangtze River Delta Economic Zones, Economic Zone on the West Side and Poyang Lake Eco-economic Zone.
The city was respectively honored as one of the four most important cities in Jiangxi Province, one of outstanding tourist cities in China.

Shangrao Quick Facts

English Name: Shangrao

Railway Stations: Shangrao Railway Station, Yushan Railway Station, Hengfeng Railway Station, Wuyuan Railway Station, Dexing Railway Station

Zip Code: 234119 – 353414

Location: Northeast of Jiangxi Province

Chinese Name: 上饶 (shàngráo)

Suburban Districts: Northeast of Jiangxi Province

Airports: Shangrao Sanqingshan Airport (Not yet in service)

Area Code: (+86) 0793

Population: 671.5 million (2015)

Best Time to Visit: June to October

Top Attractions in Shangrao

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