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Shannan is located in the Yarlung River Valley, and thus it was known as Yarlung in the past. Historical records, legends and many archeological findings suggest that about 4 million years ago, the ancestors of modern Tibetans inhabited the Yarlung river Valley. There is a tract of land named "Soitang" in Sara Village near Zetang. Legend Says it was the first cultivated field in Tibet.

Shannan Quick Facts

English Name: Shannan

Railway Stations: No Railway Station

Zip Code: 856000

Location: located in the Yarlung River Valley

Chinese Name: 山南 (Shannan)

Suburban Districts: located in the Yarlung River Valley

Airports: No Airport

Area Code: 0893

Population: 330,100 (2007)

Best Time to Visit: Summer Season

Top Attractions in Shannan

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Restaurants (Food) in Shannan

The staple diet of Shannan includes typical Tibetan food such as Tsamba, yak butter tea and chang. In addition to serving food, the Sichuan restaurants also provide shoulder rubs to offer another choice for travele who may not be accustomed to the flavor of Tibetan food. Favored by a warm, humid climate, most of the Shannan Region is farmland, and the growe provide the regi...> See More

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