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Situated at 36º40'N and 117º00'E, Jinan neighbors Mount Tai to the south and the Yellow River in the north. The terrain of Jinan slopes down from south to north. There are two major water systems in Jinan-- the Yellow River and the Xiaoqing River. Daming Lake and Baiyun Lake are the major lakes.

Jinan Quick Facts

English Name: Jinan

Railway Stations: Jinan Train Station, Jinan East Station, Jinan West Station

Zip Code: 250000

Location: South China

Chinese Name: 济南 (Jinan)

Suburban Districts: South China

Airports: Jinan Yaoqiang International Airport

Area Code: 0531

Population: 6,814,000

Best Time to Visit: Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter

Top Attractions in Jinan

Jinan Maps Free Download

Find maps of Jinan, including Jinan's regional location to other parts of China as well as . Our Jinan travel guide ( includes weather, living, food, weather, transportation, etc.) has heaps of useful information and tips! > See More

Shopping in Jinan

Shopping in Jinan you will discover there is a whole host of goods available whether in the malls or in the markets. Just like Nanjing Street in Shanghai and Wangfujing Street in Beijing, Quancheng Street is the Name Card of Jinan. It is the oldest central business area in Jinan. It is also the core area to display the historic and cultural characteristics of the ancient city J...> See More

Restaurants (Food) in Jinan

Specialties Jinan has a wide range of food and cuisine, apart from the traditional Lu cuisine of Shandong you can also taste many different delicacies of China in the city. E Jiao of Pingyin E Jiao is named afte--o was produced. With a long history of 2000 yea, E Jiao is boiled with the special black donkey skin and the local natural water from Lang Xi River....> See More

Entertainment in Jinan

BaTeahouses/Clubs Haoqing Nightclub Add: #14 Erqi South Rd. Jinan Tel: 2971717 Hou: 7pm-1am Jinma Nightclub Add: Jinma Hotel, Jinma Rd. Jinan Tel: 8663410 Hou: 6am-1am Meishen Disco Bar Add: #16 Heping Rd. Jinan Tel: 2480032 Description: This is the largest disco bar in the city. Hou: 6am-2am Othe Qilu Cinema Add: #38 Lishan Rd. Jinan...> See More