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Singapore VIP Gourmet Tour

From 6th – 13th June, Century Holiday’s Inbound Centre received a VIP tour of 200 people from Singapore. The tour lasted 8 days where guests were taken on a gourmet journey, touring and tasting Hakka cuisine of Chaoshan cuisine of Guangdong and Fujian Province. 

To ensure our guests had a unforgettable and happy tour our colleagues designed an itinerary that included all the local unique tourist attractions and culture. One of the best memorable parts of the tour was visiting the home of Lingnan culture at Lychee Bay in Guangzhou and tasting the famous Tingzai Porridge onboard a small boat.


As for Hakka Culture there was simply no better place than Chunxi Tulou in Fujian to experience the local culture and a eventful banquet was also held in the center of the Tulou. The next stop of the tour was to Chaozhou where the group took a walk along one of the four ancient bridges of China. To top off the tour guests returned to Guangzhou where they visited the exciting Chimelong Circus bringing the tour to an end.