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Ayuwang Temple

 Ningbo Attractions

Ayuwang Temple is important for its stupa housing the sarira of the historical Buddha. It is said after his body was cremated, colorful beads called sarira were found among the ashes, and were later placed in stupas by King Asoka. According to legend, one of these siriras was found by Chinese monk Liu Sahe when a small stupa miraculously appeared before him with a sirira from Buddha's head inside.

The temple was originally built in 282 A.D. during the Western Jin Dynasty and contains 600 rooms covering about 80,000 square meters, about 20 kilometers southeast of Ningbo. The famous sariras are stored in the seven story stone pagoda rising from the golden-glazed tile roof covered Buddha Relic Hall.

It is considered one of the four most famous buddhist temples in east Zhejiang, along with Tiantong Temple, Seven Pagoda Temple and Guangzhong Temple.

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