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Bamei Stone Forest

 Garze Attractions

Bamei Town is situated in southeast of Daofu County of Garze Qiang and Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture of Sichuan Province. Within the beautiful Bamei Town, there you can enjoy the spectacular scenery of Bamei Stone Forest.

The magnificence of Bamei stone forest is as beautiful as the karst stone forest in South China, but it has its own uniqueness. From far away, the stone forest resembles numerous towering pagodas. While when getting close, you will find they are with their special shapes and postures. Because of the wind and weather conditions, these stones are changeable in color in different seasons. They are in light gray and light blue in dry seasons, but are in pale ink colors in wet seasons. Whatever their colors and shapes are, the stone forest is splendor setting with the vast grassland, towering snow mountains and the charming Tibetan houses.

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