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Bamu Sacred Mountain

 Garze Attractions

Barmu mountains locate west of the Xiang county, Garze Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture.  The mountainous area is 17865 hectares while the mountain and lake occupies 432 hectares. The elevation of the district is 2860-5122 meters.

Inside of the mountains, there are lots of lakes, waterfall, streams, hot spring, primitive forests, snow mountains, pasture, tea horse ancient ruins, temples, Tibetan villages and bizzare stones. Here you can also find rare delicacies like cordyceps sinensis, fritillaria and tricholoma. Besides, some international rare and protected animals such as white-lipped deer, black bear, bharal and serow are living in the district.

Now Barmu mountainous area has developed into an ecological culture tourist area that integrated elegant natural beauty, various rare animal and plant resources as well as bizzare human landscape. 

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