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Flaming Mountains

 Turpan Attractions

Flaming Mountain is famous for its high temperature and Fiery Mountain is known for its color. The reddish brown color seems that all the mountains are flaming, especially during the sunset time. Its wonderful and beautiful view will give visitors an unforgettable expression. 

There are many origin legends surrounding the mountain. In the classic Chinese novel Journey to the west, the Monkey King goes up to heaven, wrecks the place, and after stealing pills of immortality created in a magical oven, knocked the oven over, causing the coals to fall to earth and they became the Flaming Mountain.

According to the local Uyghur Ethnic Minority Group’s tradition, a dragon lived under the Tianshan Mountain. The dragon destroyed villages and ate children in the surrounding area. A Uyghur hero killed the dragon and chopped his body into eight pieces. The dragon’s blood became the mountain and the eight pieces of his body became the eight valleys in the Flaming Mountain.

Location: Middle of Turpan Basin, Turpan
Admission: 60RMB


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