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Ghost Town

 Kelamayi Attractions

Ghost Town, is also named as Wuerhe Ghost Town. It has 100 KM aways from Karamay. There is a special wind-erosion landform here. The local called as Ghost Town. Actually, it is the typical Yardang Landform area. Yardang, which means "steep hill" in Uygur language. 

Vistors can admire the spectacular and majestic of the Mother Nature if seeing the Ghost Town in a distance.Once they go deep into the town,they will feel its extraordinary terror.

The town is surrounded by by numerous rotesque mounds.Some of them are four floors high,some of them has steep sidewall. Loess are all around and there is no plant.If people come here alone,the silence can drive people crazy.

Mounds have been blown into all kinds of shapes, some like the Liuhe Pagoda Qiantang River in Hangzhou, some like Beijing's Temple of Heaven, and some like the pyramids of Egypt, and some like Angkor Wat in Cambodia Cave, some like eagle wings.

Due to the unique scenery , the town has been a great movie location,such as the Oscar winning film "Crouching Tiger." More and more tourists come here to adventure.

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