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Goddess Lake National Forest Park

 Aba Prefecture Attractions

The forest park is located at Jiuzhaigou County. It is opposite to the famous Jiuzhaigou scenic area. In Tibetan language, the Goddess Lake is referred as the place where goddess bathes. The most beautiful parts of the forest park lies at a 3000 meters long and 300 meters wide valley at the high mountain.

The Goddess Lake’s altitude is only 2200 meters, and the height difference between each scenic spot varies only about 300 meters. Many people who have been to Sichuan Province thought that god is very generous to Sichuan as he gave Jiuzhaigou, Huanglong Lake, and Goddess Lake.
The lake is surrounded by forest. There are over 10 mountains with the altitude of 4000 meters or higher. It is a gift from god without the contamination of the outside world. 

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