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Gongga Langjiling Monastery

 Garze Attractions

Gongga Lang Jiling Monastery is located in the southern part of town, 60 km away from the town. It is 3335 meters above sea level. In front of the temple is Red-soil River, and the back is Axi Mountain. The environment is really pleasant. In GongLing, there are three snow-topped peaks. Built in Ming Chongzhen 15th years (1642 AD), the temple originally covered an area of 500 mu of land and with a number of more than 300 monks living in it. In the monastery, there is a precious Buddha which has a long history of over 300 years and presented by a famous Living Buddha.

The monastery is not very big, but you can feel a solemn atmosphere everywhere. It has a lofty position in people's minds. Historically, before worship the mountain, Tibetans would always went to the front of the GongLing temple to burn incense and worship Buddha, praying that God bless them safe and smoothly when passing the dangerous mountains. The monastery has carried the hope and prays of ten millions people, and it is the real holy temple in people's hearts.

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