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Guilin Garden Expo Park

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Shanhaiguan Great Wall

Introduction to Guilin Garden Expo Park (桂林园博园)

Guilin Garden Expo Park is located in the Yanshan District,southern part of Guilin. The park occupies a total area of 79.65 hectares, including about 51,670 square meters floorage, 12.3 hectares water area and about 50.55 hectares green area. The 2nd Guangxi (Guilin) Gardening Expo successfully held here in 2012. Since then, the Garden Expo Park has become a famous tourism attraction in Guilin and even around the whole country and attracts tourists come from all over the world. 

The park follows the principle of harmonious coexistence between nature and human, tradition and modernity, ecology and city, also it fully demonstrates the characteristics of Guangxi landscape gardening. Guilin Garden Expo Park spares no efforts to mold itself into a first-class modern ecological technology park.

The whole park has a rich stratification of landscapes and can be departed into several parts. Through these attractions, tourists can know more about the Guangxi culture. Although emerging with a history only 2 years, it has many new tourist highlights. There are a lot of top highlights you cannot miss at the park. Guilin Garden Expo Park is beautiful, charming and full with a strong culture atmosphere. There are many enjoyable things waiting for you to appreciate.

Shanhaiguan Great Wall


Guiyang Road, Yanshan Town, Yanshan District, the South of Guilin, Guangxi, China

Shanhaiguan Great Wall

Main Sights

Guilin Garden Expo Park

Shanhaiguan Great Wall

Travel Information

Admission for Guilin Garden Expo Park: 120 yuan

Opening Hours: 9:00 AM~6:00 PM

Shanhaiguan Great Wall


1. You can take special bus "Guilin to Guilin Garden Expo Park" at the downtown of Guilin , and then get off at Guilin Garden Expo Park.

2. You can also take bus No.5, 96, 97 and 98 at the downtown of Guilin, and then get off at Guilin Garden Expo Park.

Shanhaiguan Great Wall

Travel Tips

1. Recommended duration for a visit is about half of a day.

2. The best time to visit there is from April to October every year.

3. It is not recommended to visit there during “May 1st” and “October 1st” these two golden vacation weeks. At that time, Guilin with suitable weather will meet a lot of tourists, so the hotel reservation and transportation will be in its climax, the price will be much higher than ordinary times.

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