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Haizi Mountain Scenic Area

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The meaning of Haizi is "lake" in mandarin. Haizi Mountain is a Sichuan provincial nature reserve, in which there are many large and small granite boulders and a lot of glacial rock basin of various shapes. Haizi Mountain is located between Daocheng country and Litang country with an average elevation of 4500 meters. The highest peak is 5020 meters high and there is a total number of 1145 haizi (lake).

The scale and density of haizi is unique in our country, therefore, people named this place Haizi Mountain. Haizi Mountain’s biggest alpine lake--Xing yi cuo-- possessing an altitude of 4420 meters, is a sacred lake in the heart of Tibetan people. The broad sacred lake is a inhabit paradise for birds.

Here, in addition to the mesmerizing haizi, the most striking is the magic stone. The stone is with various shapes of, but unity of form and spirit. People are amazed by the natural mysterious and magical. These large and small gravel and lakes, is the world’s largest, the most typical ruins of ancient ice cap.

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