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Man Mo Temple

 Hong Kong Attractions

Man Mo Temple also named as Lukang Wen Kai School, is Wenchang Temple, referred Wen Temple, also Wu Temple, is the birthplace of culture and education of Lukang; this combination of academy and temple built side by side is very rare.

Hong Kong Man Mo Temple is the oldest and most prestigious temple in Hong Kong. The bronze bell, a large ancient cooking vessel, imperial carriage, pewter incense burners, and carved wooden statues of the seat here are the age-old heritage. Beside that, tower temple incense, God worshiper’s gowns and other services are provided year-round to public. Some Wenchang pen and candles are for sale. Visitors can buy their children a Wenchang pen as gift; hope they can achieve academic success.

Opening Hours: 
8: 00 AM ~18: 00 PM
Fu Shin Street, Tai Po District

Man Mo Temple Tour
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Tour to visit Man Mo Temple.

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