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Huanglongxi Ancient Town

 Chengdu Attractions

Huanglongxi Ancient Town is one of the most famous ancient historic and cultural towns in China. Also it is a hot tourist site for tourists when travel to Sichuan or go for a Chengdu tour. Hunaglongxi Ancient Town is located in Shuangliu County, 30 kilometers southeast of Chengdu. The Huanglong Ancient Town is quite an ancient town and it has a history of more than 1,700 years and can be dated back to the Three Kingdoms Period (220 BC – 280BC).

Huanglongxi is especially charming for beautiful natural scenery and its ancientness with the ancient streets, temples, residences, rivers, and the local traditional lifestyle. At Huanglongxi Ancient Town, there are well-preserved 7 ancient streets winding through the town. These streets with stone pavement and porch columns were built during the Ming and Qing dynasties. Also there are many ancient historical residences preserved from the Ming and Qing dynasties standing along the streets. The three famous temples including the Gulong Temple, Zhenjiang Temple and the Chaoyin Temple located in the central street are highlights to see.

Huanglongxi Ancient Town is a great place to explore the ancient folk customs and culture of the western Sichuan. The town is named after the river which flows through the town. When walking along the river, visitors can see the local culture featured stilted houses. Along the river, there are many restaurants and tea houses where you can taste delicious Sichuan food or enjoy the casual local lifestyle with a cup of tea. At Huanglongxi, there are many cultural activities held when on festivals and holidays. What’s more, due to its attractive landscapes and ancient architectures, Huanglongxi is a hot destination to shoot TV and films.

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