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Larong Wuming Buddhist Institute

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The institute was officially built in 1985 in order to inherit and develop Tibetology and Buddhist traditional culture. Now the institute has developed into a school has more than 5000 students from Zang, Han and Meng nationality, cultivated a number of buddhist talents. The institute makes great contribution to promote buddhist culture. 

Seda Larong Wuming's buddhist is the world's largest Tibetan-Buddhist Institute, the Institute of Tibetan Usual existing 4,000 people, Han resident monks and nuns, more than 200 people, Han Chinese and foreign resident justify the study of law, more than 100 people. These domestic and international students, both on a voluntary basis to this far away from the mainland.In the cold climate, all the snow conditions are very difficult, deep spiritual extensive study of Tibetan Buddhism.

Under the blue sky, several thousand red lamas living housing, Housing here is spectacular, Rolling several kilometers of the valley filled with numerous housing, 1,000 to 10,000 lamas and nuns of the homes, and the bottom of the ridge on the distribution of several temples and Buddhist, Wearing red clothes lamas and nuns come and go in the air and full of vigor and harmonious atmosphere.

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