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The Forbidden City (Beijing)
Introduction to The Forbidden City (紫禁城)The Forbidden City (紫禁城) was built under the reign of the third Ming Emperor Yongle. Today it is coidered one of the most spectacular…
The Forbidden City
Temple of Heaven (Beijing)
Introduction to Temple of Heaven (天坛) The Temple of Heaven was once the place of wohipping for the emperor's of the Ming and Qing Dynasty. The temple was located in the sout…
Temple of Heaven
Yuyuan Garden (Shanghai)
Introduction to Yuyuan Garden Yuyuan Garden is one of the best preserved and restored classical Chinese garde in Shanghai. Dating back to the Ming Dynasty the garden occupies a tota…
Yuyuan Garden
Introduction to Chenghuang Bazaar Chenghuang Bazaar, also known as City God Temple, which is Shanghai city tourist attractio, the place to offer sacrifices to local deities, who wer…
Chenghuang Temple Bazaar
Li River (Guilin)
Introduction to Li River (漓江)The Li River that flows from Guilin to Yangshuo is the most famous tourist attraction in Guilin. Boasting the No.1 Guilin Landscape among all the wate…
Li River
Introduction to Oriental Pearl Tower(东方明珠塔)The Oriental Pearl Tower is one of the top landmarks of Shanghai, located along the prestigious Lijiazui of Pudong New Area by the …
Oriental Pearl Tower
The Bund (Shanghai)
Introduction to The Bund The Bund is one of the symbols of Shanghai which is located along the Huangpu River. The Bund refe to the buildings and wharves on this section of the road,…
The Bund
Summer Palace (Beijing)
Introduction to Summer Palace (颐和园) With the cotruction started in 1750, Summer Palace was built as a luxury royal garden. In the end of Qing Dynasty, it had ranked among the mai…
Summer Palace
Introduction to Shanghai World Financial Center Shanghai World Financial Center, a center for information as well as financial services, is located in the Pudong District of Shangha…
Shanghai World Financial Center
Nanjing Road (Shanghai)
Introduction to Nanjing Road Nanjing Road is located in Huangpu District of Shanghai and is one of the busiest streets in China where an estimated 1,700,000 people visit the street …
Nanjing Road

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