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Taxia Village (Zhangzhou)
Taxia Village is an exquisite Hakka village, located in a valley in the west of Shuyang Town, Nanjing County. Built in 1426 in Ming Dynasty by Zhang Family, it has been a famous hom…
Taxia Village
Introduction to Pearl River Night Cruise (珠江夜游) Pearl River Cruise is one of the highlights of Guangzhou and is one of the most popular things to do for tourists traveling to Gu…
Pearl River Night Cruise
Introduction to Old Town of Lijiang (丽江古城) The Old Town of?Lijiang, or Lijiang Old Town, Lijiang Ancient Town, is surrounded by mountai on the plateau in Northwest Yunnan, Chin…
Old Town of Lijiang
Introduction to Pudacuo National Park (普达措国家公园)The park is 22 kilomete from Shangri-La county seat, this park's total area is 1,313 square kilomete, of which, 300 square …
Pudacuo National Park
Songzanlin Lamasery (Shangri-La)
Introduction to Songzanlin Lamasery (松赞林寺)Songzanlin Lamasery, also called Guihua Monastery, is the largest Tibetan Buddhism monastery in Yunnan Province, and enjoys the reputat…
Songzanlin Lamasery
Black Dragon Pool (Lijiang)
Introduction to Black Dragon Pool (黑龙潭公园) Located at the foot of Elephant Hill, the Black Dragon Pool is a famous pond in the scenic Jade Spring Park, or Yuquan Park. The Black…
Black Dragon Pool
Introduction to Aberdeen Fishing Villiage(仔渔村)Aberdeen Fishing Villiage is also known as Aberdeen Floating Village is located on the south coast of Hong Kong Island. There was …
Aberdeen Fishing Village
Lingyin Temple (Hangzhou)
Introduction to Linyin Temple (林隐寺)Lingyin Temple, literally tralated as Temple of Soul's Retreat, is one of the largest Buddhist temples in China and also one of the most po…
Lingyin Temple
Barkhor Street (Lhasa)
Introduction to Barkhor Street (八阔街)Barkhor Street is an area of narrow streets and a public square located around Jokhang Temple in Lhasa, Tibet. The Barkor is a popular devotio…
Barkhor Street
Jokhang Temple (Lhasa)
Introduction to Jokhang Temple (大昭寺)Jokhang Temple, also called the Qokang Monastery, Jokang, the Jokhang, Jokhang Monastery or Zuglagkang, is located on Barkhor Square in Lhasa,…
Jokhang Temple

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