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Mount Emei (Emeishan City)
Introduction to Mount Emei (峨眉山)Mount Emei is located in the southwest of Sichuan Basin. It is one of the Four Sacred Buddhist Mountai in China. It lies 7 kilomete to Emeishan ci…
Mount Emei
Introduction to Bronze Goat Taoist Temple Bronze Goat Taoist Temple, also known as Qingyang Temple, is one of the most famous Taoist temple in China, and also is the oldest and larg…
Bronze Goat Taoist Temple
Introduction to Du Fu Thatched Cottage (杜甫草堂) Du Fu Thatched Cottage is one of the most popular historical sites in Chengdu. As the name suggests, the cottage is dedicated to …
Du Fu Thatched Cottage
Wenshu Monastery (Chengdu)
Introduction to Wehu Monastery Wehu Monastery is the most famous and best preserved Buddhist temple in Chengdu. It is the home of the Buddhist Association of Sichuan Province and Ch…
Wenshu Monastery
Kuan Zhai Alley (Chengdu)
Introduction to Kuan Zhai Alley (宽窄巷子)Kuan Zhai Alley is one of the three historical and cultural reserves in Chengdu, together with Daci Temple Reserve and Wehu Monastery. Als…
Kuan Zhai Alley
Stone Forest (Kunming)
Introduction to Stone Forest (昆明石林风景区)The sculpture of nature-crust movement 270 million yea ago formed the gorgeous Stone Forest. The Stone Forest is a World Natural Heritag…
Stone Forest
Jiuxiang (Kunming)
Introduction to Jiuxiang Scenic Area (九乡风景区) Jiuxiang has over one hundred big and small kat caves with the largest scale and quantity in China. It has the biggest underground …
Green Lake Park (Kunming)
Introduction to Green Lake Park (昆明翠湖公园)Two long banks divide Green Lake into four sectio. The banks are lined with an abundance of willow trees and dotted with a range of vib…
Green Lake Park
Dianchi Lake (Kunming)
Introduction to Dianchi Lake (昆明滇池)Dianchi Lake is the sixth largest freshwater lake in China and includes a shoreline of over 160 kilomete (100 miles). It is also a natural cis…
Dianchi Lake
Introduction to Dragon Gate on Western Hills (昆明西山龙门风景区)Dragon Gate on Xishan (Western Hills) is a part of the Western Hills Forest Reserve in Kunming. The path which leads…
Dragon Gate on Western Hills

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