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Yuzhu Peak (Geermu)
Yuzhu Peak is located in the middle of Qinghai province, 160 kilomete away from southern Golmu and 10 kilomete to the eastern of Kunlun Mountain. It belongs to the eastern part of t…
Yuzhu Peak
White Water Terraces (Shangri-La)
Introduction to White Water Terraces (白水台)White Water Terraces, also known as Baishuitai, is located at the foothills of Haba Snow Mountai, Sanba Towhip. It is about 100 kilomete…
White Water Terraces
Introduction to Bamu Sacred Mountain (巴姆神山)Bamu Sacred Mountain locates west of the Xiang County, Garze Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture. The mountainous area is 17,865 hectares wh…
Bamu Sacred Mountain
Introduction to Sangdui Red Grassland (桑堆红草滩)Sangdui Red Grassland locates in Sangdui town, about 28 kilomete far from Daocheng County. It seems like a piece of incopicuous wet…
Sangdui Red Grassland
Introduction to Larong Wuming Buddhist Ititute (喇荣五明佛学院)Larong Wuming Buddhist Ititute was officially built in 1985 in order to inherit and develop Tibetology and traditional…
Larong Wuming Buddhist Institute
Garze Temple (Garze)
Introduction to Garze Temple (甘孜寺)Situated on the hill slope of Garze County, Garze Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, Sichuan Province, Southwest of China, Garze Temple is also call…
Garze Temple
Jinsha River (Garze)
Introduction to Jiha River (金沙江)Jiha River locates upstream of Huanghe River, also called Chin-sha Chiang, Jiha Jiang or Kiha Kiang. Starting from the Hengduan Mountainous Region…
Jinsha River
Baiyu Monastery (Garze)
Introduction to Baiyu Monastery (白玉寺)Baiyu Monastery is located in Baiyu County, where is between Derge and Batang in the west of Sichuan province, the southeast of Qinghai-Tibet…
Baiyu Monastery
Yubeng Village (Deqin)
The entire village is surrounded by mountai from all side. The road net work system is not engineered properly and good for motor ways. People generally trek to the village by foot …
Yubeng Village
Lhasa railway station is 20 kilomete from Potala Palace. The altitude of the station is 3,600 km. architecture of the station is in Tibetan style: the main color is red. The floor i…
Lhasa Railway Station

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