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Introduction to Hangzhou Buddhist AcademyLocated iide the Fajing Temple, Hangzhou Buddhist Academy or Hangzhou Ititute of Buddhist Studies is a province-level buddhist academy.Hangz…
Hangzhou Buddhist Academy
Yongfu Monastery (Hangzhou)
Introduction to Yongfu Monastery (永福寺)Yongfu Monastery cove an area of 20 hectares and is made up of 5 courtyards: Puyuan Jingyuan, Jialing Jiangyuan, Zhiyan Huiyuan, Guxiang T…
Yongfu Monastery
Introduction to Thousand Islets Lake (千岛湖)Thousand Islets Lake is a major attraction in Hangzhou and also a must-see tourist site for tourist go on Hangzhou tour. Thousand Isle…
Thousand Islets Lake
Mount Fortress (Macau)
无标题文档Introduction to Macau Mount Fortress (澳门炮台山)Building of the Mount Fortress began in 1617 and was finally complete in 1626, the fortress was one of the principle milit…
Mount Fortress
Tai O Fishing Village (Hong Kong)
Introduction to Tai O Fishing Village (大澳渔村) Tai O Fishing Village is located on the west coast of Lantau Island in Hong Kong. The fishing village is one of the few remaining tr…
Tai O Fishing Village
Tian Tan Buddha (Hong Kong)
Introduction to Tian Tan Buddha (天坛大佛)The giant bronze Tian Tan Buddha was built in 1993 and stands at a height of 34 mete and weighs 240 to. If you so happened to reach Lantau …
Tian Tan Buddha
Po Lin Monastery (Hong Kong)
Introduction to Po Lin Monastery(宝莲寺) Po Lin Monastery has over 100 yea of history in Hong Kong and was fit established by three Buddhist Monks in 1906. Po Lin Monastery is situa…
Po Lin Monastery
China Snow Town (Harbin)
Introduction to China Snow Town (雪乡) Snow Town, also known as Xuexiang in Chinese, is situated within the Dahailin Forest Bureau in Mudangjiang City at northeast of Heilongjiang P…
China Snow Town
Introduction to Harbin Ice and Snow World (冰雪大世界) Harbin Ice and Snow World is one of the most amazing attractio to visit during the fantastic Harbin International Ice and Snow…
Harbin Ice and Snow World
Introduction to Hong Kong Observation Wheel (中环海滨摩天轮) The amazing Hong Kong Observation Wheel is located along the waterfront of Hong Kong Island with the International Finan…
The Hong Kong Observation Wheel

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