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Chunyang Palace (Taiyuan)
Introduction to Chunyang Palace (纯阳宫) Cotructed during the reign of the Wanli (1573-1620) of the Ming Dynasty, Chunyang Palace was expanded during the Qianlong regin (1736-1795) …
Chunyang Palace
Located on the north of Qufu, oldest graves of the Cemetery of Confucius can date back to Zhou Dynasty.It is the largest,longest and the best preserved Kong tombs and artificial lan…
Cemetery of Confucius
Culture Square (Changchun)
Introduction to Culture Square (长春文化广场) The Culture Square is the biggest city square in Changchun. It is located in city center and used to be the capital square of the puppe…
Culture Square
Central Street (Harbin)
Introduction to Central Street (中央大街) Harbin Central Street in China (Zhongyang Street) was fit selected as one of the ten "Chinese history and culture streets" after …
Central Street
Changling Tomb (Beijing)
Introduction to Changling Tombs Changling Tomb is located in Changping County which is 40 kilomete from Beijing. Changling Tomb is the tomb of the third emperor of the Ming Dynasty,…
Changling Tomb
Chogori Peak (K2) (Kashgar)
Chogori Peak,mea /tall and majestic peaks/ in Tajik, located in China and Pakistan border, is the main peak of the Karakoram mountain range. The vertical height difference is 4,700 …
Chogori Peak (K2)
Chaohu Lake (Hefei)
Covering a circumference of 400 kilomete, the Chaohu Lake is located in the middle of Anhui Province.It is famous for its bird-nest-like profile.,hence the name Chaohu Lake (Nest La…
Chaohu Lake
Introduction to Chikan Ancient Town (赤坎古镇) The European Style Street in Chikan Ancient Town is famous for its ancient architectures and the simplicity of local customs, especial…
Chikan Ancient Town
Crown Cave (Guilin)
Introduction to Crown Cave (冠岩)Crown Cave is one of the most famous kat caves in Guilin. It is located in Caoping Village, about 29 kilomete south of Guilin downtown at the east b…
Crown Cave
Introduction to Chengjiang Fossil Site (云南澄江化石群) The rocks and fossils of the Chengjiang Fossil Site present an outstanding and extraordinarily preserved record that testifie…
Chengjiang Fossil Site

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