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Introduction to Sun Yat-sen Mausoleum (孙中山纪念馆) Sun Yat-sen's Mausoleum is a burial site of Sun Yat-sen and one of Nanjing's top tourist attractio, a great democratic r…
Dr. Sun Yet-sun Mausoleum
Introduction to Dragon Palace (龙宫)Dragon Palace is located in Longtan Village, Ahun city of Guizhou province. It is about 45 kilomete away from Ahun city center and 1160 kilomete …
Dragon Palace Cave
Daming Lake (Jinan)
It is surrounded by a park which houses a few historical buildings. One of them is Lixia Pavilion which is said to mark the spot of the meeting between the Tang Dynasty poet Du Fu a…
Daming Lake
Dingling Tomb (Beijing)
Introduction to Dingling Tombs Dingling Tomb is one of the three tombs located at The Ming Tombs which are open to the public. The tomb is famous for its underground palace and the …
Dingling Tomb
Dongting Lake (Junshan)
Dongting Lake is located in the northern part of Hunan Province and the south of Jingjiang River. It cove a land area of 2,820 square kilomete and is the second largest freshwater l…
Dongting Lake
Danxia Mountain (Shaoguan)
Danxia Mountain is a mountain of science and culture. Danxia Mountain coists of a dozen red conglomerate Danxia hills. It is the most complete, unique beautiful and typical Danxia l…
Danxia Mountain
Dinghu Mountain (Zhaoqing)
Dinghu Mountain located in 18 kilomete northeast from the city of Zhaoqing. Along with Danxia Mountain, Luofu Mountain, Xiqiao Mountain, they are known as four famous mountai in Gua…
Dinghu Mountain
Introduction to Dongmen Pedestrian Street (东门步行街) If you want to shop in Shenzhen, dongmen shopping street will be a nice choice.Dongmen Pedestrian Street is a commercial area …
Dongmen Pedestrian Street
Dazu Rock Carvings (Chongqing)
Introduction to Dazu Rock Carvings (大足石刻) The Dazu Rock Carvings are a collection of assorted religious carvings and sculptures. They are highly authentic, have high aesthetic q…
Dazu Rock Carvings
Dazhao Temple (Hohhot)
Introduction to Dazhao Temple(大昭寺)Dazhao Temple was built in 1579 it has a shrine that was dedicated to the renowned Qing emperor, Kangxi in the late 17th century and murals in t…
Dazhao Temple

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